Kathy Hawk's Early Learning Center
553 Hibernia Road
Brandamore, PA 19316
Phone: 610-942-2465
Email: director@kathyhawklearning.com
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

This letter is to ensure that Kathy Hawk's Early Learning Center, located 553 Hibernia Road, Brandamore, PA 19316, gets the much deserved praise and recognition for the wonderful job they do with the children enrolled. 

When we set out to find a daycare facility for our daughter, Caelyn, it was very challenging for new parents. We checked out a few facilities and they were all fine, but seemed to be lacking that "touch of home". When we walking into Kathy's Learning Center, it was very obvious that all the children were content and the instructors took wonderful care of every child. We felt like we were dropping our new daughter, Caelyn, off at a family member's home for the day rather than a "daycare'. We were elated to know she would be well taken care of when she was there.

Kathy Hawk's Early Learning Center provides support and care to meet the needs of required standards as well as meet the expectations of anxious parents. Caelyn's day consists of learning, games, music, imaginative play, and all around general love and support. They are wonderful at constantly enforcing the importance of respect for others. They prepared Caelyn to thrive in school and meet all required expectations so she would succeed.

My daughter is now entering 1st grade and still asks if she can go back to "Miss Kathy's" to play and "help with the kids" when she has a day off of Honey Brook Elementary or over the holidays. Kathy's Early Learning Center will always hold a place in our hearts and we will forever feel welcomed.

I have and will always highly recommend Kathy's Early Learning Center to anyone and everyone I meet. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss my experience further at 610-505-7563.

Warm Regards,

Stephanie Cowan
Thursday, August 06, 2015

This letter enthusiastically recommends Kathy Hawk's Early Learning Center located at 553 Hibernia Road, Brandamore, PA 19316. Mrs. Kathy has provided childcare for my son, Jason Perry Abel, since June 2015 when he was 17 months old. 

My husband is a first time father and was very reluctant to send Jason anywhere. He has nothing but gratitude and praise when he speaks about Mrs. Kathy and her wonderful, caring and devoted staff.

Kathy Hawk's Early Learning Center provides daycare in a warm setting. She excels at meeting the development needs of all of her children at the daycare. Her daycare is full of music, dancing, singing, learning, playing, warmth, joy, love, and happy children. HEr daycare also reinforces respect and care for others.

Her daycare provides Jason and all of her other children with the life, learning and discipline skills necessary to thrive in pre-school. I highly recommend Kathy Hawk;s Early Learning Center. If you would like to speak with my husband David or I, please contact us at (610)-380-2185.


Sonia A. Moore
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